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The Recruiter

Alejandra Lopez

I’m a recruiter at Nearsoft who loves everything about marketing and branding development. Some of my hobbies are photography, cooking and read a good book also I really enjoy to play board games and I am VERY competitive. My favorite food is pizza, I could eat pizza every day every hour while watching movies or tv series.

The Mentors

Isaac Lopez

Isaac has an agile and pragmatic approach to his craft as Application Developer and Project Manager. He has created a wide variety of business applications, with a particular interest in web apps and database design using Java, JavaScript and PostgreSQL.

He is also the leader of the Nearsoft Academy, a training program to help recent graduates become world-class software engineers. As their mentor he blends top of the line tech lessons with psychology, persuasion, influence and economic educational techniques.

Antonio Varela

I help small to medium organizations to analyze and understand problems in their business processes, and in most cases engineer and develop a software solution. I provide software based solutions to industry and business specific needs.

Ariel Isaac

Software engineer @ Switchfly, mostly Java and sometimes Javascript. Kinda into politics, science, mostly astronomy, classic music, weebness enthusiast. Looking for colors and wisdom and food.

Carlos Contreras

I’m a Software engineer committed and passionate to deliver high quality solutions with optimal performance. I like to learn new things and always looking for new and interesting technologies to add to my skill stack, i’m a self taught person with excellent communication, troubleshooting and leadership skills, everybody calls me “carlitos”.

Christian Romero

Software Engineer with experience ranging from banking to startups, working over different types of systems, complexities and environments. Currently interested in highly performant & fault tolerant systems, and eagerly looking into improve my skills and helping others.

Available if interested in having a good interchange of ideas related to technology, music or movies, with of course, a good amount of beer.

Cesar Terrazas

Software Developer. Have worked on some web applications related to the recruitment and travel industry. Proficient in Java and interested in developing high-quality products.

Daniel Varela

Web application developer, software engineer in a variety of business applications. Particularly interested in software architecture and innovative solutions using open source technologies. Always focused on growing up as person as well as in professional and team aspects.

Erick Sanchez

Hello! I’m Erick. I’m a Java dev. I love dogs, playing videogames and coding. My favorite food is chinese food. I like every kind of game except for sports games. Random fact: I studied medicine for two years and realized was not my thing (can’t stand blood).

Francisco Hernandez

I’m a MEAN stack developer who works in Nearsoft Labs (R&D area). I love to play guitar, read books and listen heavy metal music. I like to start new programming projects and lead teams. Always willing to help and share my knowledge with others.

Judith Garcia

Juan Melo

Fullstack developer, focused mainly on Java/Spring with around ~12 years of professional experience, love technology and spending time with Family. Have worked with almost all RDBMS and some non relational like mongoDB and couchbase. Lately I’ve been testing delphi embarcadero multiplatform IDE. I like to play guitar too.

Luis Durazo

I am passionate about history, code and literature (in that order) as a mentor i like to focus on the core of computer science and data structures (i always learn something new myself by doing so). In my freetime i play the random video game and play classical guitar. I can't stand chronic complainers.

Manuel Valle

I'm a 23 years old computer scientist with an amazing wife and two wonderful children.

I love learning and I'm always looking for ways to grow. Interested in Data Science. Organized hippie.

Rodrigo Alonso

People call me Roy, just to make confusion with the Roy below me. I studied Mechatronics Engineering at ITESM. I’ve loved coding since middle school and here I am. Finished the academy, working as a Golang/React developer for, apart from being a mentor. Stuff I like? Everything.

Roy Montoya

I’m an Android developer, I started at nearsoft as an Intern and eventually became a Mentor. I love Animals and I have 2 dogs that I rescued from the streets. Among my hobbies are playing video games (smash in the office), outdoor activities like hiking and going out with friends and drink good beer.

Pedro Duarte

I’m a java and javascript developer at Nearsoft. Loves to travel and to play Super Smash Brothers for Wii U at a competitive level. In my free time I tend to practice for tourneys or even hang out with a beer talking about life and other random stuff. Also I try to help other people as much as I can: teaching, creating workshops or even giving talks about anything.

Thannia Blanchet

I'm a web developer, what I like most about web developing is styling. I started as an intern as well and (I think) currently hold the record of shortest internship (2.5 months). I like art and videogames and I'm very adaptable for doing different stuff.

The Current Interns

Arturo Vargas

I am Arturo Vargas. I was born in Ciudad Obregón and had live there my whole life. I adore to read. My favorite authors are Mario Vargas, Gabriel García Márquez and Octavio Paz.

I consider myself a coffee maniac, I simply love it!

I like to play videogames, Zelda and Pokemon are my favorites. I am a Linux user and an open-source enthusiastic. I look up to people that started this philosophy and I would be very glad to collaborate in an open-source project someday.

I’m really happy about starting my internship at Nearsoft, because i am sure that I’ll learn a lot from very experienced people. I am going to do my best!

Carlos Cuevas

My name is Carlos, I know there are a lot of Carlos here in Nearsoft, so you can call me Miguel, or Carlos Miguel, or Cuevas, Cuevas it's my last name,  maybe I need a nickname :0. I was born here in Hermosillo, I studied at ITH, I'm about to finish the career, I only need to do some paperwork to get my degree :D.

I have some hobbies: I like boxing (only the training part), I think it's a great way to stay healthy, I take a class every day; don't worry, I'm not an aggressive person though. I like to travel, my dream is to visit every state in Mexico, and taste all the typical food; then I'd like to travel around the world. In my leisure time I like to read about new technologies or new programming languages, right now I'm learning android. I'm always open to new activities and new challenges and I know this internship will be challenging and I'll learn a lot.

Cesar Garcia

My name is Cesar Dario, live in Ciudad Obregon and i study Computer System engineering at universidad ITESCA.

I enjoy learning about any topic, ride my bike, listen to good music, not so long ago i had the hobby of producing beats and loops for hip hop and electronic music. Since i was a kid i always have liked to fix and modify electronic devices and experiment with informatic systems, this way i broke my Windows machine...just kidding.

I have a lot to learn i enjoy a lot doing it, i hope to be able to provide solutions and be of use to my team and to my co workers, family and all the world in general.

I hope that through technology we can tackle a lot of problem that we as humanity face and improve the earth.

Cristian Cota

I am Cristian and i'm 23 years old. I was born and I live in Hermosillo, Sonora. I'm interested in music, movies and photography, in my free time is that I enjoy the most to do. I am not an expert playing the guitar for example, but I love to do it and learn more about music when I am practicing this hobby.

In the projects that I've worked, I've developed more than nothing my skills as a front-end, but not for this reason I spend all my free time trying to learning about this, I'm also interested in the back-end and data mining. I'm always disposed to learn something new about any topic.

Erick Grado

My name is Erick Daniel Grado i’m 23 years old and i am from Chihuahua, Chihuahua. I like to be called Erick or Daniel but almost no one calls me Daniel.

I’m Computer Systems engineer student at Tecnologico de Chihuahua II, since i was a kid i always wanted to study this career because some of my uncles studied it and i like to watch them work, so i decided to study the same.

I like to read poetry and anything about WWII especially Day D. I also like to play football, skate and play video games. About music i like rock and my favorite bands are Heroes del silencio and Scorpions.

Gerardo Baeza

My name is Gerardo Baeza Cervantes. I am 22 years old and i’m studying computer system engineering at instituto tecnologico de delicias.

I like music because it has the power to change the mood of people by simply listening to it, also like to read novels, play video games and strangely cook

Ivan Esparza

I was born in Culiacan, Sinaloa, but I've lived here in Hermosillo for almost 17 years. I'm a mechatronic engineer from Tec de Monterrey hoping to learn a lot about a different field of study here at Nearsoft. I like to play the guitar, play videogames, read, run and I also like to fix (or at least try to fix) things that are broken in my house. I'm learning german and I'd like to learn more languages. I'm always open to new activities and new challenges (like being here).

I know I'll learn a lot from everyone here, I'm ready to give my best.

Leonardo Carrasco

My name is Manuel Leonardo Carrasco. In elementary school everyone called me Manuel, but some day another Manuel came and people started to call me Leo and since then i do not respond to the name of Manuel.

I was born in Chihuahua and i have lived all my life here.

I play guitar since middle school and i listen to classic rock, progressive rock and some other related genres.

Lastly i am a person with a lot of friends, i like to go out and joke around with them, i am very friendly when i feel comfortable but i must admit that sometimes i can be shy when i don’t feel comfortable.

Luis Fernando Calderón

My name is Luis Fernando Calderón, but like to be called Fer. I’m from Delicias, Chihuahua, i just finished my Bachelor’s Degree at the Tecnologico de Delicias as a Computer System engineer.

I’m 22 years old and i’m about to start the Academy at CUU and i’m very excited about it.

I enjoy a lot excercising, i go to the gym everyday and ride bike very often. I like to read novels and learning new things that challenge me.

Luis Hernandez

I’m Luis,  studied Systems Engineering at UNISON, I love to follow everything related to sports, most of my free time I spend watching sports ( I know i should practice them instead of just watching).

I also like to watch tv series & movies, recently I have been really interested in geopolitics and history, that’s basically all i do on my spare time not related to software development.

I like new challenges and when they generate some knowledge, I’m pretty sure to find these things here and learn about everything from everybody as much as i can, my main idea is generalist over specialist. greetings and see you soon!

Jorge Chavez

My name is Jorge Chavez, but everyone calls me Jorge, i’m 24 years old and live in Chihuahua.

My interest in technology started in middle school, i always was the right guy to ask about the homework when it was related to Informatics.

I like a lot sports, although i’m not really devoted i practice box and i like a lot to run.

I like to program and design any type of product, the more challenging the more it is to me, right now i am a frontend developer and i’m learning iOS.

Paulina Pacheco

My name is Paulina Pacheco. I’m from Hermosillo, Sonora and I’m 24 years old.

I like to play videogames (mainly rpg, puzzle, strategy and online games), drawing and read (books and manga), watch anime and cartoons. I also like going out with my family. I studied Japanese at a basic level but I would really like to continue studying it. I also played violin for a few years some time ago.

I’m just about to finish my carreer and took the opportunity to apply for an intern position at Nearsoft. I hope this experience will help me to learn a lot of new things and people.

Tomas Ibarra

My name is Tomás Ibarra and I’m new at Nearsoft. I was born and lived in Cumpas Sonora until I was 18, but I came to Hermosillo to study my career.

I like videogames and playing it with my best friends is the best sensation in the world, I also like to hang out with them every time that is possible, I love to cook and eat delicious food. In my free time I like to see tutorials or read a little bit about Ruby on Rails, speaking of that, I just upload a new blog that I developed in this language that I’ll be writing during my internship here, I’ll be posting code, and experiences on it.

I hope to learn a lot during this time, take challenges and prove to me and others that I am capable of more things.

I’m so excited to start this new experience.