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The Recruiter

Alejandra Lopez

I’m a recruiter at Nearsoft who loves everything about marketing and branding development. Some of my hobbies are photography, cooking and read a good book also I really enjoy to play board games and I am VERY competitive. My favorite food is pizza, I could eat pizza every day every hour while watching movies or tv series.

The Mentors

Isaac Lopez

Isaac has an agile and pragmatic approach to his craft as Application Developer and Project Manager. He has created a wide variety of business applications, with a particular interest in web apps and database design using Java, JavaScript and PostgreSQL.

He is also the leader of the Nearsoft Academy, a training program to help recent graduates become world-class software engineers. As their mentor he blends top of the line tech lessons with psychology, persuasion, influence and economic educational techniques.

Carlos Rodarte

Passionate Senior Software Engineer with over seven years of experience developing enterprise-grade applications using Java & JavaScript technologies, delivering features across the full stack following industry's best practices such as Test Driven Development.

Interested in single-page web applications and the RESTful & Streaming APIs required to support them.

Polo Santiago

Since 2006 I have had the privilege to participate in a variety of software projects with groups of professional teams as full stack developer. Self motivated, teamwork enthusiast, perpetual learner.

Isaac Zepeda

Full Stack Dev, right now working a lot with JavaScript, React, Redux and CSS. I love to read books, a lot of books, about different topics mostly sci-fi and history. I love to give talks and answer questions from students about NS and how is to be a developer. Random fact: I was a finalist in the Iron Geek competition in the Campus Party MX 2011.

Christian Romero

Software Engineer with experience ranging from banking to startups, working over different types of systems, complexities and environments. Currently interested in highly performant & fault tolerant systems, and eagerly looking into improve my skills and helping others.

Available if interested in having a good interchange of ideas related to technology, music or movies, with of course, a good amount of beer.

Jose Salcido

at college I founded a Research Lab to start developing mobile applications for Android and iOS for the school and small business in the area of Sonora, also organized the first Google Developers Group Sonora and Sinaloa and also Startup Weekend.

Luis Durazo

I am passionate about history, code and literature (in that order) as a mentor i like to focus on the core of computer science and data structures (i always learn something new myself by doing so). In my freetime i play the random video game and play classical guitar. I can't stand chronic complainers.

Judith Garcia

Daniel varela

Web application developer, software engineer in a variety of business applications. Particularly interested in software architecture and innovative solutions using open source technologies. Always focused on growing up as person as well as in professional and team aspects.

Juan Melo

Fullstack developer, focused mainly on Java/Spring with around ~12 years of professional experience, love technology and spending time with Family. Have worked with almost all RDBMS and some non relational like mongoDB and couchbase. Lately I’ve been testing delphi embarcadero multiplatform IDE. I like to play guitar too.

Pedro Duarte

I’m a java and javascript developer at Nearsoft. Loves to travel and to play Super Smash Brothers for Wii U at a competitive level. In my free time I tend to practice for tourneys or even hang out with a beer talking about life and other random stuff. Also I try to help other people as much as I can: teaching, creating workshops or even giving talks about anything.

Rodrigo Alonso

People call me Roy, just to make confusion with the Roy below me. I studied Mechatronics Engineering at ITESM. I’ve loved coding since middle school and here I am. Finished the academy, working as a Golang/React developer for, apart from being a mentor. Stuff I like? Everything.

Manuel Valle

I'm a 23 years old computer scientist with an amazing wife and two wonderful children.

I love learning and I'm always looking for ways to grow. Interested in Data Science. Organized hippie.

The Current Interns

Ariel Isaac

My name is Ariel Isaac, I’m 23 years old, i love all kind of science especially astronomy, i love watching and collect movies, especially from Edward Norton and Al pacino, they are my favorite actors. I like to spend time reading books and playing videogames.

Also i go to violin classes and i’m a collaborator in the astronomy department at unison, i help with the observation and it something that i truly enjoy.

Carlos Contreras

Hello everyone! My name is Carlos Contreras, I don't have a moniker so you can call me just Carlos :D. I know you're wishing to know something about me, but writing about oneself could be one of  the most difficult tasks to do, so i'll try my best.

I'm 24 year old guy, pizza lover and a Sith Lord. I studied Information Systems engineering at the University of Sonora and I'll be graduating this semester. I prefer dogs over cats. I love to learn new things because I've always said that if you're not learning anything new, you will fall into the oblivion. I like windy and cloudy days and sometimes to run at the milla. At times I like to play videogames but I'm not the greatest player alive. I like to read fantasy and sci-fi books. I'm not a sport lover but when there's an important event like the world cup or boxing I love to watch the match with my friends.

If you wish to know something about me just ask, I hope I'll get to know everyone of you guys soon :D See you around!

Christian Macias

My name is Christian, you can call me Chris or cheese. I'm currently studying computer systems engineering at ITH. In my spare time, when we have a nice weather, I like going out and enjoy a good movie. I also enjoy playing basketball with friends and family. I really like learning new things, visiting new places and meeting new people.

Christian Ruink

Hi, my name is Christian Ruink Valdes. I’m 25 years old. I almost finish my bachelor's degree in computer science. I like videogames, netflix and all the super nerd activities, i also like running, hiking, swimming etc.

Erick Sanchez

Hi, my name is Erick Sanchez, everyone calls me erick, i’m 24 years old and i am studying Information System engineering. I consider myself as a peaceful person that enjoys the little things in life. I like challenges, riddles and solving problems.

My interest are software development, i try be better everyday and learn new things, that way i can be a successful person and provide stability to my family.

I like dogs, i have four.

Among my hobbies i play video games, watch tv series and walk my dogs.

Francisco Mondragon

My name is Francisco Mondragon i partially studied computer system engineering in Instituto Politecnico Nacional, nowadays i study Software development engineering online.

I have worked in technical support but i always had interest in software development and i wish to develop myself in this area.

I love outdoor activities like hiking, rappel, zip lines. I also like all kind of aviation activities and related subjects.

Francisco Hernandez

My name is Francisco Hernandez but everybody calls me Frank. I study Computer system engineering in Instituto tecnologico de chihuahua II. I love programming and that’s why i chose this career, think my favorite programming language is java and then javascript, i love chess and i’ve been playing it for around 5 years and i think i’m not that bad at it.

Jorge Alejos

My name is Jorge Alejos, i studied Technology and Communication Information in Tec de Monterrey. The things i enjoyed the most to program on my career were iOS and Android. I like videogames and talk about the design of them. On my free time i like to watch videos about any topic but i mostly see videos about videogames

Roy Montoya

My name is Roy Montoya, i’m 25 years old, i studied Mechatronics engineering at Universidad de Sonora. The sports i like the most are MMA and NFL. Some of my hobbies are riding bike, run/walk on outdoors and play all kind of video games specially Starcraft 2 and Smash.

I like to be in contact with the nature and animals. The cloudy weather is my favorite because allows me to do outdoors activities. My favorite music genres are hardcore and rock.