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Team 2015A

The Recruiter

Alejandra López Landavazo

Specie: Sith Master
Power source: Chai Tea and Pie
Abilities: Bringing innocent souls (or interns) to the dark side
Most likely to be seen: Giving talks at universities, leading lost students through NS facilities, and at my desk

The Mentors

Isaác López

Specie: Miyagi
Power source: Java
Abilities: Teaching
Most likely to be seen: Zen Garden

Charlie Rodarte 

Specie: Murmurations elite
Power source: Headphones
Abilities: Organization worthy of a serial killer
Most likely to be seen: Behind his computer

ment Ronzon

Specie: Techie
Power source: Great Outdoors
Abilities: Mountaineering, caving, biking, DIYs and coding
Most likely to be seen: Up a mountain or down in a cave and (sometimes) at a computer

Ib Quezada

Specie: Unknown
Power source: Coca-Cola
Abilities: Sleeping at any time, coding
Most likely to be seen: At a computer from time to time

Isaac Zepeda 

Specie: Software Engineer
Power source: Beer
Abilities: Ruby, JavaScript, Balero Master, Screaming when I talk
Most likely to be seen: Where ever there is beer

Javier Rosas 

Specie: Techie
Power source: Salads
Abilities: Music, being awesome
Most likely to be seen: In the woods

Manuel Manrique 

Specie: Powerful Peruvian
Power source: Beer
Abilities: Java, JavaScript, Databases and Algorithms
Most likely to be seen: Route 110, having a beer

The Current Interns

Abram Arias 

Specie: Small Cricket
Power source: 1337 speak
Abilities: When I get sad i stop being sad and be AWESOME instead
Most likely to be seen: coding, playing,eating, coding, coding, coding ....

Daniel Contreras 

Specie: Level 99 coffee junkie
Power source: Coffee, no sleep
Abilities: Making video games, music and bad jokes
Most likely to be seen: 
 At my desk looking lost, hungry and happy

Kelli Caruvana 

Specie: T-Rex
Power source: Deep dish pizza
Abilities: Complex math, problem solving, dream hunting and eating
Most likely to be seen: In the kitchen, or hunting the dreams of innocent Nearsoftians

Manuel Valle 

Specie: Mad Scientist
Power source: Baby smiles
Abilities: Stilt walking
Most likely to be seen: Riding his fotocycle

Pedro Duarte 

Specie: Smash padawan
Power source: Millennium eye
Abilities: Converting food into code
Most likely to be seen: Games room

Ricardo Olivarria 

Specie: Geekus-Codicus
Power source: Ice Cold Coke
Abilities: Coding, playing, sleeping
Most likely to be seen: Coding, playing, sleeping

Roy Alonso 

Specie: "Classified"
Power source: Food
Abilities: Eating food, being hungry, thinking about food, complaing about being hungry
Most likely to be seen: Eating while at my computer or playing SMASH