The Team

The Recruiters

Christian Bojorquez

Hey guys! I am part of the recruiting team . My responsibilities at Nearsoft are to build community in HMO specifically and to have a strong relationship with universities in Sonora , but also to catch new opportunities of collaboration with Universities in all Mexico.

Crystal Castillo

Hey there! I’m Crys, what I do on a daily basis is to create community here in CUU, meaning that I talk to everyone from Universities to communities and other companies about Nearsoft and what we do here and what we want to achieve in the future so we can collaborate to make the software community stronger out there. Also I’m an intern hunter! I try to identify possible candidates for the Academy program.

Dayra Chiu

I am Dayra, but people call me Day. I'm part of Vinculation Team that's a small part of the Recruiment Team. We're on change of create and keep relationships with universities and tech community. I'm addict to cold brew coffe and jazz music, also i like to help people, build things and new challenges, otherwise i am still learning.

The Mentors

Isaac Lopez

Isaac has an agile and pragmatic approach to his craft as Application Developer and Project Manager. He has created a wide variety of business applications, with a particular interest in web apps and database design using Java, JavaScript and PostgreSQL.

He is also the leader of the Nearsoft Academy, a training program to help recent graduates become world-class software engineers. As their mentor he blends top of the line tech lessons with psychology, persuasion, influence and economic educational techniques.

Angel Pimentel

Fullstack JVM developer. I do not carry much information in my mind since it is readily available in google. Yogi by conviction, still looking for enlightenment.

Antonio Varela

I help small to medium organizations to analyze and understand problems in their business processes, and in most cases engineer and develop a software solution. I provide software based solutions to industry and business specific needs.

Ariel Isaac

Software engineer @ Switchfly, mostly Java and sometimes Javascript. Kinda into politics, science, mostly astronomy, classic music, weebness enthusiast. Looking for colors and wisdom and food.

Christian Ruink

Most of the people around the office call me Capi (since university) and for homogeneity sake I’ll take that over Christian.  I’m a RoR developer and also interested in data science and functional programming. I love what I do and I love people who love what they do.

Daniel Contreras

Let’s have a good time so please say hi whenever you see me, you’ll usually see me smiling the whole day. I love designing games and reading about stuff I don’t know. If you’re an expert on something I don’t know, I’ll usually end up asking many questions about what you know in hopes of learning. I like helping others with any problem they have whether it is related to work or not and also making others succeed on their goals. Be happy.

David Aguiñaga

Computer sciences engineer graduated in 2009 with master degree in web technologies. I have 2 passions: my family and coding. My fav hobbies are: video games, surfing and camping. My fav food is pizza, spaghetti and enchiladas potosinas (all of them combined is preferred :D), I haven’t had a beer ever don’t like alcohol lol, fav drink I’ll say “minted lemonade” and/or any natural juice and teas, I love self-defense systems like karate, capoeira and bo-jitsu, surfing and swimming, I’ve played thousands of videogames but the only one I still play is Defense of the Ancients 2 and Smash Bros. I can’t stand spanish dubbed movies/series/animes/etc, broken arcade machines, lag and cheeseless pizza. Random fact: i’ve been vegetarian my whole life, i’ve never ever had alcohol nor smoked and no drugs except for pizza itself. Random fact #2: I have a thing when I see retro gaming stuff, can’t avoid to buy it.

Elsa Balderrama

I’m a fullstack web developer working on JS and Android, I like to draw and paint in my free time. I’m concerned about subjects like software freedom, policing, ethics and ecology. I argue a lot.

Erick Sanchez

Hello! I’m Erick. I’m a Java dev. I love dogs, playing videogames and coding. My favorite food is chinese food. I like every kind of game except for sports games. Random fact: I studied medicine for two years and realized was not my thing (can’t stand blood).

German Garcia

I am fortunate enough to love what I do. I'm very passionate about leading teams and building powerful and rich applications using the latest technologies. I find it extremely rewarding to create applications that solve real-life problems and make life easier. I strive constantly to improve my techniques and toolset, to be a top-tier developer. And I recognize that this demands excellent communication skills, continuous learning and, curiosity.

Gustavo Serrano

To develop wigh value, scalable, adaptable and maintainable solutions throwgh applying a core set of best practices and colaboratively establishing a framework of continuous innovation and lean adoption of new technologies and practices so every solution is intended to be both the right thing built and built rightly providing its value in the long term.

Iram Aguirre

Front End Dev, with some Java, Perl and PHP knowledge. I enjoy spending time with my family, videogames, anime/manga, movies, dragons, swords, masks and some other stuff. Also I’m really interested in video game development.

Israel Gomez

I’m a web developer working with Java in the most of my time. I also know Python. Beside writing software I like sports (watching and playing them). I love to read and go to movie theater.

Jorge Nuñez
Hey! I’m a web developer working on Java projects most of the time. I’ve a bit of experience working with Ruby & C++. Besides working on different code projects I love play sports, like running, playing volleyball & soccer. I also like to read (novels & manga), watch anime or tv series.

Juan Najera

Specialties: Websphere Application Server,Websphere MQ,Websphere Process Server,Websphere Message Broker, Java, Spring, Hibernate, CXF. and I love Coffee

Judith Garcia

Luis Enrique Aguilar

I’m a professional, self-taught and passionate software developer.  I like sports like football and Tennis and also like to watch tv series and movies.  

Manuel Valle

I'm a 23 years old computer scientist with an amazing wife and two wonderful children.I love learning and I'm always looking for ways to grow. Interested in Data Science. Organized hippie.

Oswaldo Herrera

Talented Computer Systems Engineer with more than 9 years in Java technologies and similar. Experience on analysis, design, implementation, testing and maintenance of software.

Specialities in software development with J2ee, spring suite, groovy, grails, batch and web targeted to banks and financial enterprises.

I'm a goal driven worker, putting special emphasis on company objectives to grow as a professional and as a human being.

Ricardo Olivarria

I am Ricardo Rodriguez (but for powerful reasons had my name changed here at Nearsoft to Ricardo Olivarria) a Systems Engineer graduate from Ith with a love for coding and gaming. Formerly a Nearsoft Academy Intern now a Ruby on Rails developer. I am also a fan of watching anime, reading manga and Netflix.   

Rodrigo Alonso

People call me Roy, just to make confusion with the Roy below me. I studied Mechatronics Engineering at ITESM. I’ve loved coding since middle school and here I am. Finished the academy, working as a Golang/React developer for, apart from being a mentor. Stuff I like? Everything.

Roy Montoya
I’m an Android developer, I started at nearsoft as an Intern and eventually became a Mentor. I love Animals and I have 2 dogs that I rescued from the streets. Among my hobbies are playing video games (smash in the office), outdoor activities like hiking and going out with friends and drink good beer.

The Current Interns

Axel Monroy

I'm 22 years old, i'm studying computer systems engineering study in the ITH.

I am originally from a small town with red clouds and awesome twilights, but I decided to move to try the foreign life and follow my dreams.

I like Software development, especially the back-end, I use Node.js and Ruby but just lately, we're meeting. I like to read science fiction books, play basketball and participate in a lot of different things.

Mentor: Manuel Valle

Erick Reyna

I’m a freshly baked Informatics Engineer, I like agile development and ruby, and I’m interested in java and android development. I also like really simple things like coffee, rainy days, spending time with my friends, and everything that looks medieval, also I sometimes spend time playing video games, especially MMOs and shooters. My goal is to always do what makes me happy, and my dream is to ride a dragon.

Mentor: German Garcia, Oswaldo Herrera

Jesús Martínez

I'm basically a person who enjoy learning things and knowing people, I'm getting a Bachelor degree in Computer science so that means that i like analyzing things.

I like to work in a team for a project because when you work in a team you can learn several ways to solve a problem. In the future i would like to work in projects that require to be very creative no matter the area.


  • I like playing basketball

  • Sometimes i read news on internet

  • I like running

  • I like programming

  • I like watching movies every weekend

Mentor: Isaac Lopez, Ricardo Olivarria

Jonathan Islas

I’m a 24 years old student, currently I’m finishing my major on Software Engineering.

I love traveling, walking and going out for food, but also some more relaxed hobbies like playing video games, reading (a lot actually), listen to some tunes and studying. Usually I work with JS (Node, ng2, or just plain old JS), but I also feel comfortable in Java, PHP or C, and also know a bit of Android development and Assembly. Lately I’ve been getting into machine learning and data mining. I don’t like heat and warm weathers, cannot stand it… Although I can ignore it if I’m traveling.

Mentor: Iram Aguirre

Luis Alonso Chávez

I'm an IT engineer from Chihuahua.

I can tell you about me that I like read about technology and innovations of any kind, I like also spend time with my family and my girlfriend, go for a walk, watch movies (I love Star Wars and the marvel universe), play video-games with my brother, listen music, solve problems (this make me feel useful), learn (don’t matter what) and programming. I like programming because I can help others and solve real problems, I mean, is very satisfying see how your work impact the life of someone.

Mentor: Jorge Nuñez

Luis Daniel Alducin

I am a Computational Systems Engineer from Mexico City, I am interested in business, AI and also embedded systems. I like running, TV series, books and films ( I want my own cinema room ).

My music preferences goes from jazz to rock music, passing by K-Pop and even classic music.

I consider that my best way for learning something is through a project so invite me to your projects.

Last but not least, you can call me "Aldu".

Mentor: Israel Gomez, Angel Pimentel

Livier Hernandez

Hello everyone! My name is Livier Hernandez. I studied Mechatronics Engineering at Tecnologico de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara. During the last semesters of my career, I discovered my passion for programming and that is the moment when this adventure began! I started taking courses using different technologies both online and on-site on my free time.  

During my career, I made some interesting projects like line follower robots, bicycle parking system and robots that could play beerpong. I also had the chance to work at Disney World for a summer internship where I interacted with people from all around the world.

Mentor: David Aguiñaga, Judith Garcia

Marco Alvarado

I’m Marco Alvarado, a Computer Systems Engineering student from Hermosillo, Sonora.

I enjoy web development, and I’ve kept myself busy exploring frontend technologies like AngularJs & Angular 2.

Music is an important part of my life, as a hobby I enjoy playing different musical instruments, but drums are the ones I know a little deeper. One of my favorite things in life is traveling for concerts with special people.

I drink coffee, therefore I am.

Mentor: Daniel Contreras, Roy Montoya

Marco Nuñez

My name is Marco Antonio Nunez Perez, I’m a computer scientist graduated from UNAM Faculta de Ciencias, I’m an enthusiast of programming, web and mobile development. I used a variety of technologies, currently I’m interested in Nodejs, React and React Native. I like to play the guitar, and football, my favorite type of music is Electro and Rock.

Mentor: Jorge Hernández, Luis Aguilar

Marcos Escudero

My name is Marcos Escudero I’m an IT engineering student.

I like to play video games, sleep, read fiction books, watch series, listen to music, I love star wars, I like their movies, the games, the history etc.

I used to dance salsa but for lack of time I had to focus on school. I don’t like the close mind people or the people who ramble. I believe that is better to be direct. If I could learn a language it will be Russian, my favorite instrument is the piano but I don’t know how to play it.

Mentor: Elsa Balderrama

Martín Noriega

I’m Martin Noriega, I studied Mechatronics Engineering at Universidad de Sonora, I graduated in April 2016. I like to watch series on Netflix and read books (Criminal and historical novels).

Since High School I started to learn new languages, I speak French, German and a little of Italian. (I tried to learn japanese, but I failed). I have a dog, she’s called Arya because I love Game of Thrones.

Mentor: Christian Ruink, Rodrigo Alonso

Ramón Raya

My name is Ramon Raya, I graduated in december 2015 from ISD (Ingenieria en sistemas digitales) and currently aiming for an android or JS position. I enjoy multiplayer videogames and complex strategy ones as well. Although my favourite genre is adventure with a good narrative. I love reading specially SciFi and fantasy novels. Something else I enjoy is being part of something I believe in, and making my mark in people's lives, not just as a technician, but as a person.

What I would describe as my passion is learning, since I was little I had this insatiable thirst for knowing how things work, and I’ve kept it all this years.

Mentor: Erick Sanchez, Ariel Isaac