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Your game +YouTube = Instant community review

posted Apr 7, 2012, 3:54 PM by Unknown user
Review by Hector Basilio German

Instant Community

In this video Jarek Wikiewicz talks about why would one want to integrate a game title with YouTube and how its done. He sets Call of duty: Black ops as the first example. YouTube has around 2 billion views per day, and over 35 hours of video being uploaded each minute. YouTube has millions of users, all around the world, so it’s a great way to share anything worldwide. He talks about how the various APIs work, but there are basically 3 kinds, an encoding API, a data transmitting API, and a video playback API.

The way video-game consoles communicate with YouTube consist of an authorization token that is issued to your main YouTube account, and once this authorization code is typed in, the console is granted access to the main server, where it can upload, download or edit videos. This way, people can upload their user created content instantly and thus, creating a community if the content is interesting enough.

Moving forward to playing back content, its as simple as embedding the video and passing on the play parameters such as play position, stop position, video quality, and size.

Call of duty: Black Ops has a theater mode, where people can view past games and share this videos with other people. Other games have a theater option, such as Halo: Reach, where people can save a clip and upload it to the Halo Servers and view content created by others. The problem is, only people with Halo: Reach can view all content, some content is available through, but looking back at Black Ops, YouTube is a much larger community, so people who don’t have Black Ops can view the user created content, even though they might not own the game. The process to upload a clip is explained in the previous video.

This is just an example video of what users can upload instantly

Example Video

Doug Muir, Continues with the conference, where he talks about how they integrated YouTube to Black Ops,  and made the user experience really comfortable by not having to make their own video streaming site, and leaving users with the well known YouTube platform. At the same time, the game company saved a lot of money by not having to engineer something that already exists.

All this process was done in the late development of the game, and even with all the disadvantages that this had, such as small video time, it is a huge hit, there are thousands of communities, and millions of videos, promoting the game and the companies that made the game, all, for free, using the open source YouTube APIs.

This feature is an incredible way to promote your game and have other players who play other games, know what your game is all about.