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The Pretotyping manifesto resume

posted Mar 12, 2012, 6:33 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 12, 2012, 6:36 PM ]

The pretotyping manifesto

Alberto Savoia is the expositor for the video “The pretotyping manifesto”. He first talks about his experience at google and at some other companies, where he worked at and made some successful standups and how he was good at it. After some time, he experienced his first failure, and that was when it all began. He began studying failure along with innovation he then noticed that there was the law of failure. The law of failure states that most new ideas fail, as an example he states that most online apps don’t make money in the beginning or don’t become popular at all. You have to make sure you are building the right “it” before you build “it”, where “it” can be anything, from a physical product to an online videogame. The law of failure is unavoidable; however, you can use it to your advantage, with the pretotyping effect. The pretotyping effect is where people don’t actually make a final version of an innovation, instead, they pretend they already have the idea and see if it works, or is an attractive idea. With pretotyping you get to try more ideas and more time to try them, without pretotyping ideas can take months or years for us to see if they are really good ideas, on the contrary, with pretotyping, testing ideas can take weeks or days, sometimes hours.  

He states ideas alone are literally worth nothing, what is worth is the entrepreneur that makes the idea work. You can have a thousand ideas but they are not worth anything, unless someone makes them work. At start, every idea can be a huge winner, but in the end, we may come up with a false positive, where the idea might not be so good after people try it. Here is where pretotyping comes in, ideas are tested with less money and the results are really helpful, since little or no inversion money was lost. The word pretotype comes from mixing the words pretending and prototype, where in the end, a prototype is like an almost finished product that does not work at all, it just pretends to work the way It would be supposed to work.

Pretotyping helps people to know whether an idea works quickly and the ability to test more ideas in less time. He also talks about pretostorming, which is similar to brainstorming, but used along with pretotypes. Pretostorming helps people test pretotypes in less time than actually making prototypes for different ideas, thus saving money and time for companies who try new ideas.