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Summary : Innovation at Google

posted Mar 12, 2012, 6:40 PM by Unknown user

Innovation at Google

Starting off, Douglas talks about why Google as an ads company is successful, this is mainly because of how innovative Google is on finding new and unusual ways to solve really hard problems. It all started when Google was created, the main objective of Google was to get all of the worlds information, not just the web, and make it accessible and useful. this includes books, TV shows, all you can imagine. The hardest part of having all information is making it useful. Google is a search company at heart and is really strong at it. He also talks about how google tries to comprehend the data that the user is trying to search for, instead of just searching for matches. An example he gave was when someone searches for a given term, maybe another person searched for that same term, but did not find what he was looking for, so he searched again, this time getting the result he wanted, so they refine the other persons search terms to better match the results to what the person might be searching for. We must listen to our users problem and be in their place so that we know how to make our product a better one.

Google can generate a lot of data by listening to users, like what people like, or knowing what people will search for. They also conducted tests on where they track where peoples eyes are focused on, this way, they can see and figure out where and how to place ads, successful ads.

There are 3 kinds on innovation: Incremental innovation which changes something small, Incremental with side effects is the same but has large results, and transformational innovation which changes everything and makes a whole new environment.

He also says that innovation alone is not enough and is sometimes useless, and that innovation based on what the user needs is what is likely to create an economic value to whatever you might be doing or whatever your product does.

He also states that leadership is critical for innovation to be successful. all in all, he specifies some of the ways to be a better innovator.