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Resume “Myths of Innovation”

posted Mar 12, 2012, 6:33 PM by Unknown user

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The expositor works at the beginning of the web in 1995 whit a young team of innovators to create new features for the web.

The real problem was that he really don’t know how to innovate, therefore, the first thing to do was a research about how the greatest innovators of the history do innovation, no what they think they do, but what was the objective process to goal their ideas. 

Thus, find a few myths that we need to break through, to see the real process of innovation.
We just think that the innovation it’s only for the greatest minds of the world, and they were gifted whit awesome ideas and the ability to perform it. But the true is that everyone that say “I don’t like the way this people are doing this thing, I will try to do it different.” Will be in a process of change the way of create, build and develop something.
Do not exist magic moments, we listen about the way that characters of the history of science get they ideas, like Isaac Newton and the apple falling from a tree and hitting him on his head, and then he discover the gravity. But that story don’t say that he spend fifteen years trying to demonstrate the mathematic formula for gravity. And there are a lot of stories like this, the volume of objects of Archimedes, for example.
How these stories help us to understand the process of innovation?
It doesn’t, it just help to understand the final result.

People how realize their ideas, have different habits, they think different about their ideas, they spend a lot of time working on it, and that effort is rewarded with the ability of find thing that we throw away immediately. This is what we got to perform, the patterns of behavior and actions they follow to get the idea to the final result.
Find an repair little mistakes quickly, find the little mistakes heal to improve the final result, we just to see the buildings of the ancient Rome like the coliseum, but we don’t see the buildings were they made mistakes, that’s because it doesn’t exist anymore, its falls because it was constructed whit mistakes. Another example is the aerospace industry, they did a lot of mistakes and they still do it, but they repair it quickly and continue with the process.

Be able to see if a little part of the complete idea will be more successful than the full idea. Ideas like YouTube and Flicker start being part of another ideas and their founders were able to saw the little part of the project have more potential to make business than the meaning idea of their websites.

Think like an explorer discovering new worlds, the real explorers spend a lot of time discarding no matters things, and a great percent of their time is expend in no exiting things, until finally they have that precious magic moment.
Be able to delegate responsibilities to your coworkers and employees, when your company is growing up you need to permit other people handle their problems, you can’t controlee everything, letting people resolve problems for their own, make them have confidence to be creative and maybe generate a great idea for your company.
Seeing the approach of the expositor, we can understand the real meaning of follow the objective process to take our ideas to a real products and services.