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Located Tasks

posted Nov 28, 2012, 4:14 PM by Unknown user
Located Tasks (formerly GeoReminders) is an Android app that notifies you about a user-defined list of tasks based on your Location, instead of Time.

Have you ever found yourself coming into a place and thinking "I'm sure I have something to do in here, but I can't remember what it is"? Located Tasks lets you save a list of tasks, specifying the location in which you want to be notified.

Located Tasks is the first android application from Nearsoft.

How it works?
  1. You set up a reminder, specifying the location you want to be notified at.

  2. Add a to-do list for that reminder.

    edit reminder

  3. You get notified when you're around and prompted with the task list.

  4. Check the tasks you have completed.

  5. You can leave the place and come back later to complete the remaining ones.
  6. Once everything is checked, you won't be notified again.
  7. You can configure your app to use GPS or AGPS location service, as well as the refresh rate. Both options influence over the device battery usage.